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July 13~15 2014 in Las Vegas
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Apr 2~5 2014 in Bologna (Italy)
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  COSMOPROF LAS VEGAS 2007 2007-12-05
EJPACK displayed the latest developments of our technology:
- the PCTA bottles & jars the new plastic as transparent as glass, BUT NOT breakable, with excellent chemical resistance
- the "pearl PET" bottles & jars:shiny surfaces perfectly printable
- all sorts of closures :caps( colored transparent or color shiny or metallized silver/gold) and pumps (either dispenser or spray)

International customers APPRECIATED three (3) winning points in our booth:

1.EJPACK makes complete lines (family) from small to big sizes.

2.EJPACK prepares complete packagings (bottle/jars / closures/ printed):
when our packagings arrive at the customer's place they need only to be further moving around

3. At EJPACK leads time are FAST & packaging is solid cartons on wrapped pallets.
For the shipment there is a network of reliable forwarders worlwide ( by ocean or by air)
  COSMOPACK, Bologna (Italy) 29 March-1 April 2007 2007-04-25
Many attendees from all continents (from the Americas to UE, from Russia to Australia) really appreciated
jars & bottles made in the new plastic PCTA, which is as transparent as glass, but it is of course lighter & does not break (that is why this plastic is called "glass-polymer).

Visitor's attention was also drawn on the bottles & jars
made in pearl PET, which looks shiny & "eye-catching"
(perfectly suitable for silk screening).

The vast assortment of tottles raised a great interest too,
in particular the new-comers( the tube-tottles ).

Thanks to you all for coming & see you at the next show.
EJ's International team
  Cosmoprof Las Vegas 2006 2006-09-18
July 16~18 2006 in Las Vegas
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